Meet the team



Grim is the design and production derg, His work involves coming up with new designs and making them digitaly, feeding the designs into a 3d printer to make them real. Then tidy them up so they can be used to make a mould. He also tries his best to make the site look pretty.
When not messing around with new models (or old, well used ones) he is usually tinkering with some new fangled thing he heard about, his attention easy drawn by shiny things.

Discord: Grim#9806
Telegram: Grimvoodoo



Koda is the tech kitty that built the website and keeps the bots well fed and content. He is a self taught python wiz and avid fan of tech. He is also a 3d modeler and builds structural supports for the casting process.
When not lost in a python script he is a fan of city building games and roleplay games.

Discord: Koda#1791
Telegram: Koda27